“Over the years, I have referred many families to Caroline for coaching. She has worked especially well with individuals whose learning and response styles have made it difficult for them to engage in meaningful conversations with others regarding their educational and emotional needs. She has taught them how to use their voices effectively and how to manage their emotions under duress in a proactive manner, thereby helping them to develop much needed self-confidence and self-efficacy! Now, she is sharing that information with a wider audience, and many more families will no doubt benefit from her skill and experience.”

Eileen Antalek, Ed.D.
Educational Consultant

"Caroline's passion is contagious, and she brings insight and knowledge to help clients find functional, real-life solutions. Caroline's presentations are funny, entertaining, and packed with information, leveraging her own gift of ADHD to present realistic solutions. She engages her audiences, getting them involved in her topics using a hands-on approach to speaking."

Dr. Edward Hallowell
Author of Driven to Distraction

"Caroline was instrumental in helping my daughter learn new tools to expand her executive function skills and to open her untapped potential. My daughter is excelling in school and in life."

Mother of a Client

“I credit Caroline with my daughter’s drive to succeed and her vast improvement in her studies as well as her social activities. I feel confident that Samantha will excel in college because of the wonderful skills Caroline has instilled in her. I highly recommend Caroline to anyone seeking assistance in the area of learning disabilities.”

Mother of a Client

“Caroline worked wonders with both my children, one at age 11 and the other at age 16. Both have ADD/ADHD and executive function disorders. Her whole-child approach to organizational and life skills set each of them on a path to higher self-confidence and greater academic success. She is fabulous!"

Mother of a Client

“Watching my child, who struggled with ADHD, change from a moody child who would hardly speak in her earliest sessions with Caroline to an engaged young lady eager to learn new strategies that would help her excel in school was quite dramatic and simply wonderful. Caroline's coaching was undoubtedly a major factor in her academic development as well as beneficial to improving her social skills. My daughter feels that Caroline was more than a coach—she was also a friend.”

Mother of a Client

“Like many kids who struggle with ADD, my son Chris dreaded school for years. After trying several different approaches to help him, we turned to Caroline. Right away we noticed a difference. She took the time to get to know Chris as a person and to understand what both motivated and challenged him. Her patience, empathy, and individualized approach to coaching enabled him to address and overcome his anxieties and achieve levels of success beyond what he had imagined possible. Now a junior in college, Chris embraces new challenges with confidence and enthusiasm and has developed a deep and genuine love of learning. Caroline played a significant role in making that happen.”

Mother of a Client

“I started going to Caroline when I was a freshman in high school. I had high anxiety. Even the thought of a test or quiz could make me throw a temper tantrum. I couldn’t do homework in rooms with clutter or take tests in a classroom with a lot of people. Caroline helped me deal with this struggle by helping me rationalize these fears and coming up with ways around them. Looking back now, I realize Caroline has not only taught me how to deal with ADD and anxiety as a student, but also how to cope with it in the real world. I am now in college and doing very well. Of course I credit myself for coming such a long way, but I give the most credit to Caroline for helping to get me there.”

Former Client

"Caroline is not only one of the most knowledgeable and empowering ADHD coaches in the arena of family coaching, but she is also one of the most engaging, enthusiastic, and passionate speakers on the topic of ADHD. As an ADHD coach and trainer, I have attended countless conferences over the last twenty years, and Caroline is the presenter who has consistently engaged me the most, taught me the most, and inspired me the most about families challenged with ADHD. If you want to learn practical, effective strategies from an expert who truly knows how to successfully empower children with ADHD and their families, then you have to go listen to Caroline whenever and wherever she speaks. I can assure you that you will walk out of her presentation more knowledgeable and more inspired."

David Giwerc, MCC
Founder of ADD Coach Academy